10 Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight


Are you tired of how people look at you just because you are fat? There are a lot of foods you can take to lose weight, but I believe you don’t know about it.

Always remember that not all calories are created equally. There are different foods, that go through different metabolic processes in your body. Some burn calories, some present different effects on the hormones, and so on.

Below is the list of 10 foods that can help you lose weight within 3 days.

1. Leafy Greens:

Consuming leafy greens such as spinach, kale, collards, and the others not mentioned, help you lose weight. There are several properties that leafy greens possess, that make them ideal for weight loss.

Such properties include being low in calories and carbohydrates, and fully loaded with fiber. Consuming leafy greens, helps you to increase the volume of your meals without increasing the calories in the diet.

Research has proven that meals and diets with a low density make people eat fewer calories. They are also nutritious, and very high in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals which include calcium studies have shown that it helps in burning fat.

2. Whole Eggs:

Whole Eggs

Known to be high in cholesterol, eggs are also good when it comes to burning fat. Despite it raises the level of cholesterol in some people, they are also good for consumption if you want to lose weight. Eggs are high in protein, and fat and are very satiating.

However, eggs are dense in nutrients, which can help you get all the nutrients needed from one calorie-restricted meal. Almost every nutrient needed to get from eggs can be found in the yolk.

3. Beans and Legumes:

Beans and Legumes


Kidney beans, black beans, lentils, and some other beans, can be good diets for you if you want to lose weight.

These foods are high in fiber and protein and they tend to be very satiating. Beans and Legumes also contain some resistant starch, which helps you in your weight loss.

A lot of people have problems with legumes, so it’s advisable you prepare them well before consumption.

4. Whole Grains:


Some types of cereal grains are healthy for your weight loss because they contain a lot of fiber, and also are loaded with protein.

Examples include oat, brown rice, and quinoa. Oats are fully loaded with beta-glucans and soluble fibers, known to increase satiety and also improve metabolic health. Even brown and white rice contains a great amount of resistant starch.

Bear in mind that, grains that are refined are not a healthy choice for you to lose weight.

5. Fruits:


There are a lot of numerous studies that had proven that fruits are healthy and people who take too many fruits and vegetables, tend to be healthier than people that do not. However, fruits also have some properties that support weight loss.

Despite their containing natural sugar, fruits also have low energy density which enables them to be chewed in a while.

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In addition to that, fruits are loaded with fiber, which prevents sugar from being released into your bloodstream. You can add most of the fruits to your weight-loss diet since they can be effective and delicious.

6. Coconut oil:


Coconut oil is very high in fatty acids of medium length, known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). These fatty acids can boost satiety far better than other fats.

They also increase the number of calories burned. We know coconut oil contains calories, so adding it to your diet is a very bad idea.

However, it is advisable you replace your cooking fats with coconut oil. There are numerous studies that have even shown that coconut oil is less satiating than medium-chain triglycerides oil which is a supplement containing a much higher number of medium-chain triglycerides.

7. Salmon:



Salmon is a fatty fish that is incredibly healthy and can be very satisfying after consumption. But what you don’t know is that salmon is fully loaded with high-quality protein, healthy fats, and other nutrients good for you if you want to lose weight.

Salmon and some other seafood, may also supply iodine which helps in thyroid functioning. It also contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which aids reduce inflammation and also play a major part in obesity and metabolic disease. Excellent types of fatty fish include mackerel, sardines, herring, and trout.

8. Cruciferous vegetables:

cruciferous vegetables


Unlike other vegetables, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussel sprouts are high in fiber and also contain a great amount of protein good for weight loss.

Though they don’t contain too much protein as compared to animal foods and legumes, they are still moderate for people with obesity.

When a combination of protein, fiber, and low energy density of cruciferous vegetables are added to meals, it makes it perfect for you to lose weight easily. These vegetables are also nutritious, and they contain cancer-fighting substances.

9. Tuna:


Tuna is a fish that is low in fat. It is also a low-calorie food but very high in protein. Tuna is a popular name among bodybuilders and fitness models because it’s one of the good foods to take for you to increase your protein intake, whiles it also keeps calories and fats low.

If you are trying to work on your protein intake, always consider taking in tuna in canned water not the one in oil.

10. Lean Beef and Chicken Breast:

Meat Dishes

Though processed meat is said to be unhealthy, however, unprocessed red meat does not put you at any risk, of you obtaining heart disease or diabetes.

Meat is a friendly food to take when you want to lose weight because it is high in protein. Burning almost 80 to 100 calories per day, you need to take more protein-filled diets to help you achieve your aim.

Finding healthy foods to add to your weight-loss diet, can be easier since whole foods such as legumes, fish, vegetables, fruits, meat, etc are all in large quantity in the market.

Other processed foods such as oatmeal, and olive virgin oil, are also excellent choices to go in for.
If you truly want to burn that fat, take the aforementioned foods into consideration when planning your diet.

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