Is Foxy Brown Dead Or Alive

Is Foxy Brown Dead Or Alive
Foxy Brown

Is Foxy Brown Dead Or Alive: Award winning American rapper, DeCarlo Marchand, popularly known as Foxy Brown, was born on September 6, 1976.  She was brought up in the United States of America, New York to be precise.

When Foxy Brown was young, her father,. Keith Stahler abandoned her mother, Judith Marchand to pursue his musical career. Her mother, Judith Marchand then took it upon herself to raise Foxy Brown together with her other two siblings.

Foxy Brown released her first album “III Na Na” on November 19, 1996, after signing to Def Jam at seventeen(17). The release of her album marked a great moment in hip-hop history. She later released several viral songs.

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Foxy Brown is known to be talented, sexy, and not afraid to ever take the risk. She also enjoys dance and music. Her fans have raised concerns about her whereabouts as to whether she’s alive or dead?

Is Foxy Brown dead or alive in 2022?

Many people keep asking “is Foxy Brown dead or alive?” If you are wondering if Foxy Brown is dead or alive, the answer is very simple. Foxy is alive and not dead. Even though the she suffered hearing loss from 2005 to 2006 and had a history of assault, she is still very active.

Foxy Brown is one of the best influential blaxploitation films. She attained unprecedented success for her charisma and talent. She was engaged to Kurupt in 2000 but no longer together. She happens to have a daughter, which she gave birth to on January 13, 2017.

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