John Correia net worth 2023

John Correia Net Worth

This article is about John Correia, the founder of John Correia Active Self Protection, and John Correia’s net worth.

John Correia is a popular US navy, teacher, YouTuber, and pastor who spends most of his time teaching people how to protect themselves and their families from danger.

John Correia is someone who likes using firearms a lot since his childhood; he started shooting and hunting at a youthful age.

As a way of helping the world with his shooting talent, John Correia founded an organization to train security services and individuals on how to use firearms. He also teaches people self-protection tricks. The name of the organization is John Correia Active Self Protection.

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John Correia has become a certified firearm instructor since 2011. Immediately after he got the certificate, he established John Correia Active Self-Protection to teach people all over the world how to protect and defend themselves and their families in times of danger.

John Correia’s Youtube Channel

He has an active YouTube channel that he uses to teach people self-defense. John Correia’s YouTube channel is one of the most popular self-protection and guns channels on YouTube.

His channel’s monthly views range from 30 to 60 million views, with over 1 billion lifetime channel views. As of March 2022, the channel has 2.56M organic subscribers and 2,503 videos.

John Correia Net worth

John Correia Net Worth in 2023

John has earned so much money from teaching people self-defense tricks. As of March 2022, John Correia net worth is estimated to be $20 million. He earned this money from training people on how to use firearms and how to defend themselves in times of danger.



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