Nancy Harmon Gospel Singer Biography, Age, Net Worth 2022

Nancy Harmon gospel singer biography
Nancy Harmon gospel singer biography

Nancy Harmon Gospel Singer Biography: Nancy Harmon is an evangelist, gospel singer, songwriter, teacher, and organist who devotes her entire life to working for Christ.

Nancy Harmon is known for her high-energy singing and anointed ministry both in the United States and abroad. Her songs have become staples in churches all around the world.


She is a mentor for young people, organizes inner-city outreaches, and runs the Love Bus Co. for children as a consequence of her love for educating kids for ministry, feeding the needy, and reaching people of all ages.

Name Nancy Harmon
Gospel singer Nancy Harmon date of birthSeptember 25, 1939
Gospel singer Nancy Harmon age82 years
Nancy Harmon OcupationGospel singer and Evangelist
Nancy Harmon HusbandNever married
Gospel singer Nancy Harmon Net WorthNot available

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Nancy Harmon Gospel Singer Biography

Nancy Harmon gospel singer was born on September 25, 1939, in Kansas City, United States of America. She is an American. Nancy Harmon grew up with her mother because her parents divorced when Nancy was just a little girl.

Because Nancy Harmon’s mother was a Christian and loved working for Christ, she trained her daughter to love God and trust Him in everything.

Nancy Harmon gospel Singer was singing joyful and praise songs in her native church with her mother when she was ten years old. At thirteen years, she started playing the Hammond Organ.

At age 18, she received a call from Evangelist Kenny Foreman asking her if she would be able to play the organ for the new church he had just started in Kansas City, Missouri.

Before that, Nancy had played the Hammond organ in one of Brother Foreman’s evangelistic meetings in Kansas City, Kansas. Nancy Harmon agreed and started playing the organ for the church.

Because the church was just starting, they could only pay Nancy Harmon $50 per week. Nancy, even though the money was not enough, managed to save part of it which she used to buy a piano which was the first instrument she owned.

Nancy harmon Gospel singer biography
Nancy Harmon’s first piano/ Nancy Harmon Gospel singer biography

Forming Her Choir

So, at the age of 19, in 1957, she formed a 28-member choir at Calvary Temple. Only four or five of them could truly sing, so she chose three or four of them to be the choir’s leaders and teach the parts.

She would sing the tenor notes to the men since she could sing every part (full volume). God was very good to her, protecting her voice.

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Gospel Singer Nancy Harmon Ministries

In 1967, Nancy Harmon moved into Evangelism with The Victory Voices at the age of 28 after hearing the voice of the Lord.

Nancy Harmon’s anointing has been felt in churches, schools, street corners, and the homes of unwed mothers. She began her ministry of preparing kids for their ministries with TBN in 1974 with The Love Special Telecast.

Over 1700 young men and women have addressed her as “Mamma Nancy,” have stood on her platform, and many are now serving full-time in their ministries.

God began speaking to Nancy Harmon in 2008 about raising a generation – a “new breed” – that would not bow to the world’s baals.

Nancy created the “Mighty Warrior Training Program” in response to His call. This is a 5-week intensive program in which Nancy Harmon tutors young men and women in all elements of the Word and ministry.

When these young people see Nancy, their lives are profoundly transformed, and they are on fire for God and ministry. It truly is a life-altering program!

Gospel singer Nancy Harmon now ministers on Facebook every Tuesday and Saturday at 7 PM CST.

How Old is Nancy Harmon Gospel Singer?

Gospel singer Nancy Harmon was born on  September 25, 1939, and she is 82 years old as of 2022.

Gospel Singer Nancy Harmon Net Worth

Gospel singer Nancy Harmon net worth is currently unknown.

Is Gospel Singer Nancy Harmon still alive?

You may have read on the internet that Nancy Harmon passed away in 2021. This was NOT Evangelist Nancy Harmon. Apparently, there are several ladies across the country of the same name.

Now the question is, is gospel singer Nancy Harmon still alive?

Gospel Singer Nancy Harmon is alive and well, and ministers on Facebook every Tuesday and Saturday at 7 PM CST. Currently, she is 82 years old, and she lives in the Fort Worth, TX area.

Is Gospel Singer Nancy Harmon Married?

Gospel singer Nancy Harmon has never married. She dedicated her entire life to working for Christ and winning souls for Him.

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