Top Picks Of Movies That Make Us Proud As Women


In a cinema, a lead character Is a person who typically plays the largest role with a respected body of work in the piece, and up until recently, there weren’t too many cinematic pieces with strong, fearless women at the helm.

They are mostly played by an actor however, we have some damsel who bravely breaks the stereotype of gender inequality that men should only be seen as brave and head in everywhere.

Here are a few top picks of movies that make us proud as women due to females playing the part of the leading character.

1. Moxie:

Starting the list, Moxie comes first because it is really heart melt seeing young empowered feminists back in our high schools, this strong female sensibility wasn’t exactly encouraged.

Moxie who follows the journey of a teenage girl was sick of a toxic, invalid mentality at her school and with this, she starts a feminist Zine to fight it.

2. Step Sisters:

Step Sisters

A Netflix comedy circling a powerful female step dance crew captain and sorority president known as Jamilah who seems to have it all with her eyes on Harvard.

When the hard-partying white girls from the rival sorority embarrass the school, Jamilah is then ordered to come and rescue by teaching the rhythmically- challenged how to dance and this ends up uniting women rather than dividing them over the competition.

3. Ocean’s 8:



This famous and diamond heist film is absolutely studded with the people’s choice and favorite actresses from Mindy Kaling and Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway to Sandra Bullock and many others even to the star and our darling musician Rihanna also appeared in this golden movie.

4. The Incredible Jessica James:

The Incredible Jessica James

This hilarious blend of comedy and romance featuring the beautiful and ever-charming ex-Daily Show Correspondent Jessica Williams is about an aspiring playwright struggling with her career and breakup and in the process, she met and falls for an app designer who also happens to be recovering from his recent split.

These two together figure out a way to make it in a post-relationship world even though it is quirky.

5. To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before:


An American teen romance blended with a comedy film by Susan Johnson to some people, dismiss this series as a crazy coming of age story but it is so much more than that.

The show helps to explore the idea of losing a family member, complicated sibling relationships your bestie being there through all the highs and lows though it’s not quite a true love it is a real giddy crush.

6. Enola Holmes:

Enola Holmes

Have you ever for once wondered about the badass sister of a great Sherlock Holmes, Enola Holmes? She uses her sleuthing skills to outsmart her big brother Sherlock and help a runaway lord while searching for her missing mother.

Enola Holmes is played by the talented Millie Bobby Brown known as Eleven from Strange Things.

On her birthday, her mysterious mother goes missing even though her brothers attempt to send her to fishing school Enola in her first detective mission rather escapes to London in other to find her mom.

7. Dude:


We were overwhelmed by the display of the four best friends due to how they make our high school friends memorable.

The best friends despite their dealing with various kinds of stress, love, and loss in the last two weeks right before their big dive into college, the best friends play seniors were still able to have a major life change.

8. Someone Great:

someone great

Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin has actually won lots of hearts and truth be told, people are ready to watch any piece from this darling.

Someone great is the mixture of both bitter and sweet comedy about Jenny, who wants to be a music journalist, and when she gets this lifetime opportunity in San Francisco, and unfortunately, her long-term boyfriend dumped her, so sad.

But interestingly, her two best friends, are left to pick up the piece of her final weekend in New York City, and actually, they do more than that.

9. Nappily Ever After:

Nappily Ever After

This is an American romantic comedy that portrays Violet Jones (Sanaa Lathan) as a woman who’s been imprisoned by straight hair and trying to behave the way society wants her to, but she gives herself a total makeover by reinventing herself as a bald queen on a true search for her authentic identity and what really matters in life after her love life hits the rock.

10. Erin Brockovich:

Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich played by Julia Roberts, is a strong and fearless mother who has been divorced twice and doesn’t know the word no.

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She got a job as a lawyer and on an environmental case no one can crash, she refuses to give up this is a true definition of a strong woman.

This movie actually prioritizes having a strong woman as the protagonist back in the day.

11. Otherhood:


This is a super grounded, soulful comedy about three mothers and their adult sons. This movie helps us believe that being a mum can sometimes be a thankless job and seriously, no one knows that better than these three best friends played by, Felicity Huffman, Angela Bassett, and Patricia Arquette.

When they all arrived in the homes of their adult sons living in New York City without warning on mother’s day because they feel forgotten on that special day. These

12. Dumplin:

dumplin 1

An American coming-of-age comedy film where Jennifer Aniston and Danielle Macdonald gave us the unforgettable pageant mother and daughter duo when a young lady of Willowdean also an overweight teenager decides to enlist in a local beauty pageant run by her former beauty queen mom to prove a point.

13. What Men Want:

What Men Want

What Men Want is no exception to a great piece by Taraji P Henson. After years of being overpowered by men in the industry as a female sports agent, she then gains the ability to hear what men are thinking and she uses that to her advantage by leveling up in the workforce.

Taraji’s workpiece is a remix of the Mel Gibson Classic What Women Want where telepathic skills for women only were developed.

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