Video: I use magic cream to attract men – Commercial sex worker reveals

I use magic cream to attract men
I use magic cream to attract men

A young lady who branded herself as a commercial s*x worker has revealed that she uses magic creams to [email protected] men to herself.

The lady who introduced herself simply as Becky made the revelations in an interview with a Joy news reporter.

In the video, the lady made it clear that whenever she wants to go to the “market” at night, she has oil and creams that she applies. She added that when she uses the cream and goes to work, she is automatically [email protected] to any man who sees her face.

She continued to state that the cream also changes the men’s brain and makes them “Jons”, so they pay any amount she mentions to them without even asking for a reduction.

“I have a place that I can go, they’ll give me some little things I’ll do, I can rub my powder, rub my honey, my cream, my oil, to make a guy even if you are passing, only your looking to me can make you stop and after everything, any amount of money I ask you to give me, you will give it to me,” Becky said.

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When asked if that is a charm, she answered yes and added that it was a certain woman who initiated her to the commercial s*x work. She further added that at that time, she was very angry and left that woman because didn’t want to do that work.

“After the woman made me start that, so I was so annoyed because I didn’t want to do it, so she was the one that pushed me to do it. Understand?” she stated.

She again stated that she went to a friend of hers who unfortunately also does the same work. It was this new friend who introduced her to how to charm men using creams.

“It was my friend that brought the idea to do that (use charms), so I have to do it.”

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