What does Zara Trf mean?

Zara Trf Trafaluc zara
Zara Trf

Meaning of Zara Trf: are you a regular customer of Zara? Do you visit Zara shops regularly? If yes, then we are certain you are aware of the Trf section in Zara shops.

The Trf section is mostly located near the back of any brick-and-mortar Zara store and rings at a slightly lower price point.

Are you eager to know what the Trf means means in Zara shops? If yes, then you are the right place. In this article, we will tell you what Zara Trf or Trf section at Zara shops means. Just continue reading.

Zara Trf Trafaluc zara

First of all, Trf is an abbreviation of Trafaluc, the section’s name in full. So what does Trafaluc mean? Well, if you’re hoping that means something super stylish in Spanish, however, we’re sorry to disappoint: “The word ‘Trafaluc’ doesn’t actually mean anything.

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It is just the name of the collection,” the Zara press department tells us. But if you often find yourself drawn to bolder street-style trends, then we’re happy to report that this section will likely be a goldmine for you.

“Trf is our more trend-led collection with a more daring aesthetic, including statement pieces such as slogan T-shirts, oversized hoodies, printed dresses and co-ords, plus statement denim,” our insider adds.

“It’s aimed at the younger Zara customer, so the price point is lower than both Zara Woman and Basic, which are chicer, more classic collections.”

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