10 Symptoms Of Lung Cancer


Symptoms Of Lung Cancer: Cancer is a very scary disease, which is killing people all over the world. However, the talk of cancer can’t be complete without talking about the number one killer cancer which is known as lung cancer.

This type of cancer is responsible for the death of both men and women, recorded in the United States of America. Based on research, it is known that smoking is the major cause of lung cancer, but it is not always that you will be a smoker before you can get this deadly disease.

Lung cancer in the U.S is said to be responsible for nearly 160,000 deaths per year. Similar to other types of cancer, the only chance for you to increase your odds of surviving, is early detection, which in most cases is trickier with lung cancer as compared to other types of cancer.

These symptoms of lung cancer should always be in your mind if you want to live a cancer-free life.

1. Cough:

 Symptoms Of Lung Cancer

A persistent cough is one of the early signs of lung cancer, which worsens with time if care is not taken. There are times the cough interferes with sleep and is similar to resultant coughs from allergies and bronchitis.

Most people disregard the cough with the belief that it will soon go when they examine themselves. But it is always advisable to get examined by a practicing doctor since they are expected in this field.

2. Chest Pain:

Symptoms Of Lung Cancer


It is very common to experience chest pain in the chest area when you are suffering from lung cancer.


Although the lungs are not capable of observing the pain, the areas that surround it, suffer most due to the cancer of the lung making the lungs feel hurt. This can also cause lung tumors to exert pressure on other tissues surrounding, to produce pain in the body.

3. Coughing up blood:

Symptoms Of Lung Cancer

This is one of the symptoms I refer to as “wonders of this world”. Cough that is caused by lung cancer is known to be dry or unproductive but in other situations, coughing can bring up traces of blood, which needs to be evaluated by a physician as fast as you can.

This symptom clearly tells you that, you are getting to a serious stage, so you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

4. Hoarseness:


This might sound awkward to everyone, but it is absolutely true. Lung cancer can also cause a person, suffering from this deadly disease, to have a change in voice and even make it deeper.

It is also possible for the voice to become hoarse if you are suffering from lung cancer. Always remember that the earlier you seek medical attention, the better for you, your health, and your well-being.

5. Shortness of breath:

Symptoms Of Lung Cancer

Have you had difficulty catching a breath? If yes, then be informed that it is a clear signal that you are having lung cancer, because this is one of the symptoms.

The activities you normally do without difficulties might become a problem and you might also feel it’s difficult to catch a breath. You might even feel out of breath when you are not even engaging yourself too much in activities.

6. Weight Loss:

weight loss

Losing weight drastically is another sign of lung cancer and this normally comes with a lack of appetite. It is also revealed that the release of some chemicals in the body, is responsible for increasing the metabolisms that later result in weight loss.

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This sign is also associated with other diseases, such as sexually transmitted diseases so you need to inform your doctor, for medical attention as soon as possible.

7. Shoulder pain:

Shoulder pain

This may be surprising to everyone since we know lung problems do not have anything to do with the shoulder.

When shoulder pain is associated with lung cancer, then you need to show concern and visit the doctor for evaluation, since this could show that cancer has spread to other parts of the body, without you knowing.

However, it is the tumor in the lung, that puts pressure on the phrenic nerve located near the lung. Sometimes, shooting pain that travels down to the arm, is also caused by shoulder pain which comes with lung cancer.

8. Fatigue:


Feeling tired or weak frequently is also another sign of the deadly lung disease. Based on scientific studies, it is believed that the changes in metabolism in the body, that occur often which is caused by cancer, can also cause fatigue.

This fatigue in question is always different even if you had the whole day to get adequate rest. Its experience, is different from the normal fatigue, that everyone experiences on regular basis.

9. Persistent infection:


When you often get lung infections such as bronchitis or pneumonia, which goes after affecting you and keep returning, then this is a clear and perfect indication that there is a presence of lung cancer.

There is new research by scientists that, people that had had, pneumonia in their life for some time, maybe at the highest risk of getting affected by lung cancer, in the new future if they do nothing about it.

10. Wheezing:


Suddenly Wheezing in public or among your peers might also be caused by lung cancer.

Wheezing in general is a health problem that you need to pay critical attention to since it is associated with many different types of diseases including asthma and other lung disorders.

Always remember that, when you start experiencing this, you have to discuss it with a doctor for him or her to enlighten you more on it.

Despite cancer being the cause of many deaths in and around the world, lung cancer has single-handedly claimed a lot of lives, and we need to be careful when dealing with this health problem.

The life of everyone is important that is why, people always try as much as they could, to advise their colleagues, loved ones, families, and friends to always take good care of themselves. Keep this message and save your life, and that of a loved one from this disease.

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