Abii Robot Net Worth, Sales and Price 2023

Abii robot net worth

Abii Robot is a robot that teaches teach children who have severe learning challenges. To enhance academic success, Abii instructs K–5 pupils in arithmetic, reading, and social-emotional learning.

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Aii was created by Laura Boccanfuso and her team in 2016. Initially designed for children with particular learning problems, Abii quickly proved to be beneficial for all students.

A specific arithmetic curriculum is combined with artificial intelligence in the robot, which can determine if a learner is not paying attention and refocus them.

In reality, it gathers data from each student it interacts with, processes it, and then uses it to deliver lessons in a way that most students find effective.

Over 4,000 pupils from 50 elementary schools participated in an empirical 5-year test of ABii. Pupils who used ABii had much greater scores improvement on standardized math and reading examinations when compared to students who used online computer apps.

After working with Abii, students who were using the robot saw a 34% improvement in their test results. It can be used by teachers to help behind-the-curve students catch up without taking up excessive amounts of class time.

The robot, which has a wifi-enabled companion app, stands on the student’s desk and actively engages in arithmetic instruction.

Abii Robot Net Worth 2023

Abii Robot net worth as of 2023 is estimated to be $5 million. Since its founding in 2016, Laura Boccanfuso has sold over 3000 robots. The device is offered to after-school and school programs for usage by all pupils for $1,499. There is now a $4500 home version that accommodates up to three children.




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