French Army Trains Eagles To Fight Terrorists

French Army


Terrorism has become a very big threat to every country these days. For that matter, countries are doing their best to protect their citizens from being attacked by terrorists.

As another way of fighting terrorism, the French Army has a program that trains eagles from birth to spot and take down drones mid air.

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French soldiers raise the eagles from chicks, and train them to associate the drones with food.

The soldiers began by serving meat to the young eagles on the ground using drones as dinner plates. When the eagles grew a bit older, the trainers then presented them with drones hovering in the air—to predictable results. The eagles swooped in and seized the drones in talons that can exert pressure of 500 pounds per square inch.

Once the eagles catch their mechanical prey, they fly to earth and cover them with their wings, and are promptly rewarded with a piece of meat.

The birds are natural drone fighters with the ability to spot targets over a mile away, and to reach speeds over 150 mph when diving for prey.

This is a great initiative that can help every country fight terrorism.

Source: Oluwanishola Akeju

Credit: Apotheosis of knowledge


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