“I need someone that will sleep with me and buy me iphone” – Young lady launches campaign


A young lady believed to be in her late twenties is trending on all social media platforms for posting a photo of herself with a shocking caption.

The young lady who is known on social media as Badgal Dara stated in the caption to her photo that she is in tears because her phone was stolen.

To get a new phone, she has launched a campaign inviting men to come and sleep with her and buy her an iPhone.

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As if that’s not enough, she has warned people who know they can’t do anything about her situation to shut up.

They stole my phone and I am in tears. I need someone that will f*ck me and buy me iPhone. Don’t say nonsense if you know you can’t buy me the phone”, she posted.

I need someone that will sleep with me and buy me iphone



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