“I Will Break Your Teeth And Make Your Blood Run On Floor Like Water” – Burna Boy Threatens Shatta Wale

Burna Boy and Shatta Wale

Nigerian musician, Burna Boy has threatened to beat Ghanaian dancehall superstar, Shatta Wale.

The whole issue started when Shatta Wale insulted Nigerian artistes at his Freedom Concert held in Accra Sports Stadium. His reason for insulting them was, they don’t promote Ghanaian music in their country.

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Shatta Wale was bashed Nigerians for the insult. Shatta Wale also took to his Twitter handle to diss the artistes and their fans.

Burna Boy who seemed to be hurt by Shatta Wale’s rants reacted saying he is ready to fight one on one with Shatta Wale or anyone that has a personal problem with him.

Burna Boy

After Burna Boy’s reaction, Shatta Wale also replied saying he is ready for the battle.

Shatta Wale

Shatt Wale’s reaction this time around really got to Burna Boy. Burna Boy then said doesn’t want a rap battle but rather a fist battle. The one real men do.

He also threatened to make Shatta Wale’s life a living hell anywhere he goes outside Ghana.

“This guy thinks I have time. This ain’t 8mile! No be rap battle. It’s a fist battle. The type real men do. We can do it anywhere u want. Behind closed doors or in stadium for the whole world to see. Stop acting like you don’t know I been tryna set this shit up since January last year. Consider this an easy way out for you. Cus I could make your life a living hell for you anywhere you go outside Ghana. You know I got more money than all your grandfathers combined” Burna Boy posted.


Burna Boy

In another post, Burna Boy accused Shatta Wale of trying to rape a lady he once brought to Ghana. Making it clear that, that is the main reason why he wants to break his teeth and see his blood on the floor.

“You tried to rape the girl I brought to Ghana back then. I won’t say her name. But I know what you and Koffi did.

That’s the real reason I want your teeth and blood on the floor. I just want to fight me like a man. Even if I know you’re an unhealthy dog I could have gotten killed ages if I wanted. But you’re not worth it. You’re just a sick puppy rapist”, said Burna Boy

Burna Boy


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