LeeBeth Young Car Accident And Cause of Death

LeeBeth Young car accident
LeeBeth Young

Leebeth Young Car Accident

Leebeth Young Car Accident – Cause of Death – Obituary: Lee Beth Young met her untimely death on Tuesday, January 19, 2021. She was 34. LeeBeth was the first born of founding pastors, Ed and Lisa Young of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas.

Her father, pastor Ed Young announced her daughter’s death on his official Twitter page.

How Pastor Ed Young Announced LeeBeth Young Car Accident

“It is with great sadness that I write these words. Last night, our precious and cherished daughter, LeeBeth passed away. She was our first born we celebrate her life. LeeBeth was a bright, strong, intelligent, creative, witty and faithful young woman. We loved our daughter and she loved the Lord. Because of her relationship with Jesus, she is now healed and whole in His presence. We ask that you pray for our family, our church, and so many others who loved LeeBeth deeply”, he posted on his official Twitter page.

LeeBeth young car accident
Pastor Ed Young announced the death of his daughter, LeeBeth

Pastor Ed Young did state the cause of his daughter’s death at that time. Read on to find out more about LeeBeth Young car accident.

Friends and relations of the deceased have so far taken to the various social media platforms to their tributes and condolences to the Young’s family.

LeeBeth Young Car Accident
Mel Ayres’s tributes to the Young’s family

 LeeBeth Young Car Accident Story And Cause Of Death

Ed and Lisa Young are the founding pastors of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas, and LeeBeth Young was the eldest of their four children. On Tuesday, Jan. 19, Pastor Ed Young announced on his social media channels that LeeBeth had passed away the night before. At the time, the Youngs talked about LeeBeth Young car accident but, did not reveal the cause of their daughter’s death. But now they are sharing their story with the desire to bring comfort and peace to others who are in pain.

It’s an interesting thing how grief and joy can co-exist,” said Lisa. “It’s beyond my comprehension because I have such joy right now through the tears, through the story, but yet I’m grieving. But that is only possible through Christ.”

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LeeBeth Young grew up in her parents’ church and trusted in Jesus in 1991 through the church’s children’s ministry. Ed described some of LeeBeth’s strengths, saying that she was discerning about people and was an “original creative thinker.” At the same time, she “really struggled with loneliness, especially, and depression.” Her depression grew worse as she got older, and as an adult she was in a “tumultuous” relationship that did not work out. About five-and-a-half to six years ago, several months after the relationship ended, LeeBeth called Lisa and told her, “Mom, I’m afraid I’m an alcoholic.”

“That rocked us,” said Ed. LeeBeth had never partied or been a drinker. Because the Youngs were out of town, a friend of the family took LeeBeth to the doctor. However, after leaving the doctor, LeeBeth had a seizure. The friend called paramedics, who took LeeBeth to a hospital where the Youngs met up with her. While there, LeeBeth told the doctor that she never really drank; she had just started and had not been able to stop. The doctor told her that if she continued to binge drink, she would eventually die.

But LeeBeth had another binge drinking episode, and after that, she went to rehab. She also started meeting with a therapist daily and went to Alcoholics Anonymous. From that point, said Ed, “LeeBeth did so, so well,” although he knew intuitively that overcoming her challenges would be difficult for her. The Youngs were supportive and even went to counseling with LeeBeth. But they worried about her living by herself.


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The Youngs said they had noticed something was off with LeeBeth during the holidays. Then, several weeks ago, Lisa was in South Carolina visiting her mother when she talked to LeeBeth on the phone and realized that something was wrong. She told Ed he needed to go check on their daughter.

Ed did not go into detail about the state in which he found LeeBeth. He only said, “As a father, as a parent, it’s something that I pray you don’t have to get involved in.” From what the Youngs went on to share, it seems that LeeBeth had had another binge drinking episode. Ed stayed with LeeBeth from around lunch time that day until the evening when he took her to see her therapist. After that, they went to the Youngs’ house. That night, while FaceTiming with her mother, LeeBeth said she did want to get better and to overcome the struggle that she was going through.

Ed had LeeBeth, who he said was shaking from the alcohol, spend the night in a room in his house. He sat with her for a little while before going to work out. While he was exercising, she came in and told him she felt anxious. But when he asked if she wanted to go to the hospital, she said no. He then checked on her again before he went into his office to study. “She was doing great,” he said. He kissed her and said, “LeeBeth, I love you.”

LeeBeth Young car Accident
LeeBeth Young

Ed got his son and his daughter-in-law, who were living on the premises, to perform CPR and called an ambulance. When they arrived, the EMTs could find a faint heartbeat, but no pulse, and they ended up taking LeeBeth to the hospital. Ed was not allowed to ride with her in the ambulance because of COVID-19 restrictions. Friends and family came to the hospital, and Lisa FaceTimed from South Carolina. Eventually, the doctor told them, “We can’t do anything else.” The family then sang worship songs to LeeBeth as she passed from this life to the next.

The office was only about 40 to 50 feet from the room LeeBeth was staying in, and the doors of both rooms were open. While Ed was taking notes on Genesis 22, the passage where God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, he heard a noise from LeeBeth’s room and knew something was wrong. When he ran to the room, he found she had had another seizure.

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