Man narrates how a Lady chopped his money, blocked him and went for a Soldier(Photos)

A man called Uncle Bless has taken to Facebook to tell the story of how his long-time sweetheart deserted him to marry someone else.

Bless claims that his ex-girlfriend Rubby Klenam used him to do the dirty work in her life while dating a soldier, whom she married today, March 19th, 2022.

In a long Facebook post, the outraged young man accused his ex-girlfriend of infidelity. He claimed that he had spent a significant amount of money on the lady, including rent and virtually all of her other requirements.

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Despite having done so much for her, the lady kept their relationship a secret. She eventually made it impossible for him to communicate with her. Bless said, “I later realized Rubby was preparing to marry a soldier.” Today, Saturday, March 19, 2022, the wedding day, Bless resolved to confront her and expose her as a cheater.

Read His Full Unedited Message To Klenam Below

uncle bless and klenam

uncle bless

“You are getting married today wow that’s beautiful 😂 everyone will wish you congratulations and I will also wish you some. Is it not the same boy I asked you about when we were dating you said he is nothing to you? You quoted he is like a brother ( brother) everyone wont know we were dating because you hide the relationship from everyone and let everyone knows I am nothing and can’t date you right, before you accept my proposal we’re you there alone, your friend Roberta was aware or not aware , you let everyone know her as a bad girl so we all can hate her right 😞 you bill me of sorts of things.

Rent, money for business, everything when you attack spiritually who did you bill, any little money I get you have it in your account , you told me you got job at Aflao so we need to rent , you got that money within few days , you later said your previous place at sogakofe your bill needed to be renew.

I did that with my poverty money, you let everyone knows we are not dating, after draining me down you just came to ask me who knows I rented for you and why should someone knows I rent for you you block me wow, because you finished ur mission of draining the poor guy down.


I don’t wear uniform right so you needed someone who wears some, and those who will attack me am waiting for you 👌 ungrateful human being, today is your wedding day wow all the guys you dupe are aware right 😂If I talk much I will offend.

God but keep in mind the guy you duped and feels he is jorn n stupid guy is alive and make sure you live a life well because the curse all the guys are preparing won’t stop hunting you 👌

it’s funny everyone seeing you wearing immigration uniform 😆 I don’t want to talk about that because it’s part of you , you can lie lie lie more than the everyone on this earth 🌍:: you Rubby today is your wedding 👰 day right May God bless the union okay 👌 I will come back and post all our chat here for”

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