Pips and Bounce Net Worth, and Locations 2023

Pips and bounce net worth
Pips and bounce net worth

Pips and Bounce is a well-known pub and restaurant in Portland, Oregon where customers or visitors also get the chance to play pong ping games also known as table tennis.

Pips and Bounce pub was founded by the Jung brothers, Eugene Jung and Michael Jung who grew up playing ping pong with their parents and friends.

Childhood enjoyment for the Jung brothers, Michael and Eugene, meant hours of ping pong in their Appalachian Kentucky basement rec room. Ping pong was always a guaranteed fun time, whether they played with their parents, friends, or just each other.

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When the Jung brothers moved to Portland in 2012, they decided to find their fun again after learning that growing up wasn’t all it was made up to be by holding pop-up ping pong parties throughout Portland.

They then went all-in to develop the permanent ping pong paradise in Portland a year and a half later, using the lessons learned from dozens of events and the courage inspired by hundreds of fans.

Pips and Bounce were built on 1500 square feet in Portland, Oregon. They have 10 ping pong tables where people are charged $16 to play ping pong for thirty munites.

There are drinks and food available at Pips and Bounce for customers who get thirsty and hungry after hours of playing ping pong.

Pips And bounce Locations

Pips and Bounce is located in Portland, Oregon, United States of America.  833 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97214, USA.

Pips And Bounce Net Worth

Pips and Bounce net worth as of 2023 estimated to be $3 million.



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