Stonebwoy Grace lyrics

Stonebwoy Grace lyrics

Stonebwoy Grace Lyrics

No be me do am I

No be me do am

All of the progress way you dey see inna

My life

No be me do am … Ebi God almighty


From one place to the other

Great is thy faithfulness

Crossing every border

Long time me done tell you me brother


Cyaan move soft I move harder

Cut like dagger

When million situation gather

Life is a race

When me a run mi Nuh go look another


Speed me a speed up and a increase the


What ever God give nobody can replace

No body can take

I see a brand new day

All of the sins that I done

I go on my knees

And God still hear me

I know it′s not by might it’s not by power

Everything by grace o

All of the things by grace

Every little thing by grace o

All by the grace of God eh eh eh

On top again

Where mama dey yeah

I know you dey rest in peace

On top again

I spoil every place yeah

I go mash it up more than this

Give thanks to the fans them

Them a the one them

Way got me back from the very beginning

BHIM a the anthem

Psalms man a chanting

Thanking Jah for my out and coming in

Blessings on top of blessing

On top of blessings

I no see no curse

Mercies on top of mercies

Only mercies I see

And they are new every morning

New every morning

Great is thy faithfulness


They are new every morning

New every morning

Great is thy faithfulness

O O o…

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