Leave Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill And Pass Bills On Hospitals That Don’t Have Beds – Afia Odo

Ghanaian actress, Andrea Owusu, popularly known as Afia Odo has added her voice to the LGBTQ debate currently going on in the country saying parliamentarians should rather pass bills on hospitals with no beds and leave LGBTQ persons alone

She argues that, she doesn’t understand why a bill should be passed against someone’s sex life while there are hospitals in the country with no beds.

She continued that, being gay or lesbian is nobody’s business and those that want to engage in the act should be left to do it.


She also said there are several hospitals in the country with no beds so parliamentarians should rather focus on passing bills on hospitals with no beds.

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Afia Odo in an instagram live this evening is heard saying:

I don’t understand the legalization of it. I don’t care about what people do with their sex life, I don’t care about if a girl wants to eat pussy, if a guy wants to keep fucking his ass, that’s nobody’s business and it shouldn’t be forced upon a country to accept it. But i don’t understand why people should be fucking arrested for being gay or lesbian. every country has its own culture , rules and regulations but i dont understand why there should be a big deal about someone being gay……

Watch the video below

The anti LGBTQ bill is currently in Ghana’s parliament awaiting approval. If these bill is passed into law, anyone found engaging in the act would be fined or jailed.

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