(+VIDEO) SHS [email protected] caught making love in class

SHS lesbians
SHS lesbians

Some shameless SHS [email protected] were seen in a video that is fast trending on social media doing their own thing in class. It is shocking to see young SHS girls engage in such acts.

In the video, two girls were seen at the beginning of the video ki33ing, fondling their breasts and caressing each other. They were also heard in the video moaning while doing the unthinkable.

Later in the video, another joined them, making three. She then replaced one the two girls and happily declared that she is a [email protected] “Mey3 [email protected]”, she said in Twi. Twi is one of the local languages spoken in Ghana.

Watch the video below

The video got many people asking questions about what could have pushed these young girls to engage in [email protected] The more shocking thing is how bold they were to even record themselves while engaging in the act.

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This raises many questions as to how these girls are trained at home and the kind of monitoring going on in our schools

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