What does Ethan Plath do for a living aside Plathville?

What does Ethan Plath do for a living

What does Ethan Plath do for a living? Read on to learn more about that.┬áIn 2019, TLC’s Welcome to Plathville made its debut, featuring yet another large and unusual family for the network to market to its devoted audience.

The family’s dynamic, including the disobedient elder children and the stringent regulations the family had regarding pop culture, drinking, and even sugar consumption, attracted a lot of viewers, as was expected.

Ethan Plath, who married Olivia not long before the first episode of the show, is one of the “rebellious” kids and has a hard time making the transition from golden Plath boy to an adult who watches regular TV and occasionally drinks Coke.

However, because of how tense he and Olivia‘s relationship with his parents is, fans are curious about them and started asking questions such as, what does Ethan Plath do for a living?

What Does Ethan Plath Do For a Living Aside Welcome to Plathville?

Even though Ethan hasn’t discussed his profession much on Welcome to Plathville, it is evident he is a mechanic as clearly stated in his Instagram bio; “Lover of classic cars, a long list of projects”. He makes no secret of his desire to collect and restore vintage automobiles.

He revealed that he has always been interested in machinery and how things function in one of TLC’s additional episodes devoted to the Plath family. It made logical for him to seek a profession as a technician given his passion for automobiles.

In Welcome to Plathville, Season 4, Episode 2, Ethan and Olivia have just moved to Tampa, Florida. Olivia talked about how her husband’s employment had been impacted by the transfer.

“Ethan hasn’t taken on a new full-time job since quitting his previous one when we came here, and he frequently complains of boredom”, she informed producers.

I’m kind of just making use of what I had saved up from my previous employment, and I also dabble in the stock market. It’s working well so far,” Ethan said. “I won’t spend the rest of my life sitting around. I am currently taking a break because I have been working nonstop since I was 15 years old.

What does Ethan Plath do for a living


Ethan revealed to Kate that he once had a desire of becoming a pilot on an episode of the podcast Reality Life With Kate Casey. I’ve always said I’d like to do that, he said.

As for the education I would need to enter any flying school and where my homeschooling had left off, “there was such a vast gap basically that it was hard to think out the logistics of moving on to any other school,” it was “very difficult to figure out how that would actually happen.”

Ethan stated that “it kind of was not conceivable in a way for any of us to pursue any type of further study” by the time he began to consider entering the business.

Fortunately, he was able to turn his passion for cars into a successful business, and he always seems to be content when working on any kind of vehicle.

What Does Olivia Mariah do For a Living?

Olivia is a successful photographer. She owns her own photography studio and specializes in wedding and portrait photography. She frequently travels for work, and her Instagram is strewn with pictures from various shoots she’s done.

In actuality, she traveled to San Francisco in Season 1 with Moriah Plath, the sister of Ethan, to work a gig. For Moriah, being able to leave her parents’ home and visit a foreign country was a major accomplishment. Additionally, it demonstrated how well-known Olivia is as a photographer.

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