What does Jionni LaValle do for a Living?

What does Jionni LaValle do for a Living

Although Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi spent many years as a star on reality television, her husband, Jionni LaValle does not enjoy being in the spotlight. What does Jionni Lavalle do for a living? Read on for more information on that.

After the 2018 release of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, the businessman explained why he avoids his wife‘s camera crew.

At the time, he addressed their divorce rumors on Instagram and said, “My wife is filming a scene packing up and leaving for her new show and I AM CHOOSING TO NOT BE ON TV because I just DO NOT enjoy it.”

“Being parents to our gorgeous children has strengthened Nicole and me even more. But you won’t catch me on her reality show,” Jionni added.

“When I grew up, I never thought I would want to be a reality star. I run my own company and put a lot of effort into it. My wife works incredibly hard to maintain her status as a reality star. We DO NOT have a divorce”.

Where Did Snooki and Jionni Met?

The couple met each other in 2010 during a night out at the notorious hotspot Karma, popularly known as Seaside Heights’ fist-pumping headquarters.
Snooki and Jionni got married in November 2014 and held a magnificent wedding with a Great Gatsby theme to honor their union in front of 500 guests.

Snooki honored her partner in an Instagram photo honoring their five-year wedding anniversary. On a picture from their special day, she commented, “You will always be my Mr. Gatsby.”

What Does Jionni Lavalle Do For a Living?

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