11 Signs Of A Real Girlfriend- #8 is gold

Signs of a real girlfriend. Relationship is part of everyone’s life at some stage. And it is every man’s wish to have a girlfriend that he can trust and build a future with.

As a man, finding the right lady to date has become one of the difficult things to find these days. This is because, it is not easy to know who is real and who is fake.

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Some of the ladies act like they are real but they are more than poison.

 11 Signs of a real girlfriend.

Signs of a real girlfriend

1. Real Girlfriends are very Jealous

If a girl truly loves you, she becomes very jealous of your actions, especially when see sees you with other ladies. This means she loves you and is afraid someone might take you from her.

2. She won’t worry you with money issues

A real girlfriend won’t always worry you with money issues. She feels if she asks you for money, you might think she is after your money. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help or support her, please her, it builds the love and trust she has for you.

3. She loves you for who you are.

She doesn’t compare you with others, but rather, accepts and loves you for who you are.

4. She opens up with you.

She feels comfortable talking about herself to you. She doesn’t mind telling you about her past love life or revealing to you secrets about herself. This simply means she trusts you, so don’t betray her.

5. She loves hanging out with her friends and family.

She wants to know your family and even wants you to introduce her to your family and friends. She also likes to hang out with her family and friends.


6. She helps in planning your future.

She wants to be your future wife, so she helps you to plan the future with the aim that, if it’s good for you, it’s good for her.

7. She feels happy walking with you in public.

If she truly loves you, she would like people around you to know that she is dating you, especially ladies by walking in public with you. It also makes her happy because it is an assurance that, you accept her.

8.  She won’t cheat.

No one wants their partner to cheat on them, but cheating is the cause of most breakups these days. It is uncommon for a girl that truly loves you to cheat on you unless you push her by cheating on her and she finds out.

9. She Cares About You.

She cares about you and wants to know how your day or night went, the cause of your bad mood, and what you are up to.

10. She listens to you.

She takes you as a mentor and is ever ready to listen to you. She also feels happy talking ta

11. She  supports your dreams

She is ever ready to support your dreams. If she truly loves you, she would support your dreams, either physically, emotionally, or financially. These are the 7 signs of a real girlfriend

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