9 Reasons Why Crying Is Good For Your Health

crying is good

Do you cry when you get hurt or do you think you are mature enough not to cry? Do you know crying has a positive role it plays in your life as a human being? I guess you don’t know how valuable those droplets are.

Research has proven that crying can improve a lot about you as a human being, so I urge you to change for good.

Crying is always regarded as a negative signal, but never in our lives is considered a positive one. Actually, it is the exact truth to some extent, since the majority of the human race cries when they are not comfortable with something in life.

But then, do you also know people cry when they are happy? Oh yes, they do and that is what we call “tears of joy”. Let us take a look at some health benefits of crying, as we learn new things today.

1. Crying detoxifies your body:

detoxifies your body

The first reason why crying is good is that there are some stress hormones in our body called Cortisol which crying relieves us from. When you are prone to stress, you might have a higher level of Cortisol which is not good for your mind and body.

Despite Cortisol having some positive aspects, it is still dangerous to reach a higher level. With the help of tears in your eyes, you can reduce the higher level of Cortisol in your body, which will definitely lower your stress.

Although it might sound funny to you, when you are stressed out and you don’t know what to do, just find some quiet place and cry. It will save you.

2. Crying has anti-bacterial effects:

crying benefit

Scientists have proven that crying is an effective measure in killing harmful bacteria in the body. An enzyme called Lysozyme is what is responsible for this particular property. Lysozyme is an enzyme, present in tears that come down from our eyes while crying.


Science has it that, Lysozyme can kill bacteria within 15 minutes. Bacteria which is responsible for causing anthrax can also be killed by tears. However, Lysozyme can cause the destruction of bacteria after destroying its cell walls.

3. Crying improves eyesight:

how to improve eyesight

Your eyesight can improve when you cry a lot. Tears rolling down your cheek is responsible for this great job. One of the causes of the eye problem is dehydration, and with the help of tears coming out of your eyes, that particular problem will be solved, because tears have the ability to lubricate your eyelids and eyeballs which ends up hydrating your eyes.

It is very common to have an eye problem when you live in dusty areas, but it is also possible to control that when you have tears in your eyes.

Tears are very useful in our lives.

Tear’s hydrate mucous membranes present near the eyes. You can try crying when your eyes itch to clear your blurry vision.

4. Crying relieves emotional pain:


With physical pain, you can use painkillers to relieve yourself, but what about emotional pain?  Emotional pain can be tougher to handle, unlike physical pain.

The best medicine to use is to cry. People often confuse themselves and their peers, and emotional pain is a sign of depression which isn’t true.

There are situations whereby Psychiatrists prescribe medicines to use. The medicines might probably work for some moments, but these medicines might have side effects which may result in affecting you. Scientists have given us enough to prove that crying can release neurotransmitters in the brain to alleviate emotional pain.

One of the best ways to solve emotional pain is through crying.

5. Crying facilitates breathing in babies:

baby cry

We all know newborn babies cry a lot but do you know the health benefit of that? Sometimes, the sound of babies can even make you feel like there is something wrong with the baby.

Mind you, if your baby cries a lot, that is actually a good sign because crying as a baby actually helps babies to breathe very well. If your baby does not cry, that is actually not a good sign because it is likely your baby is having a problem with breathing.

It is a natural thing for babies to cry. Do you know why Doctors turn babies upside down or dip them into cold water just to make them cry after cutting their umbilical cord?

The answer is that the newborn baby is having a problem with breathing and that is a method to make them cry, which will later enable them to breathe well. This is known as a baby’s first cry and is very vital for their breathing.

6. Tears are rich in electrolytes:


Tears are the droplets that come out of our eyes. Their origin is known as the lacrimal gland in the eye. Many know nothing about tears as they are rich in electrolytes and proteins that are very necessary for the body to use.

Some available electrolytes in tears include sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and calcium. Proteins such as lacritin, lactoferrin, lysozyme, and lipocalin. We have already talked about Lysozyme that which is one OS the enzymes that have antibacterial properties.

It is advisable to sip your tears when crying since the presence of electrolytes and amino acids in tears are very essential for your body’s health.

One of the natural ways to take in electrolytes is by sipping your own tears when you cry.

7. Crying elevates mood:


God has provided us with something which is known as anti-depressants and that is what we call tears. When people get depressed, they try everything possible to elevate their mood but it can sometimes change when you try this simple tool called crying.

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This is a good way to elevate your mood since no other external element is involved. Research has also revealed that crying actually improves one’s mood, and makes one feel positive toward everything. Crying is a self-soothing technique.

Through crying, you can inhale cool air which is useful in lifting your spirits up. Inhaled cooler air can also help regulate your brain’s temperature. If you have someone with mood-related disorders and anxiety, advice the person to try crying and see the result.

8. Crying improves the immune system:


Enough research done by our scientists has revealed that crying is good because it has a positive effect on our immune system. It has been highlighted that crying specifically does the magic as it fights against skin allergies since it controls the secretion of immunoglobulins.

You can use tears to prevent skin-related disorders such as eczema, as it is considered a natural way to prevent such reactions.

Those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, and autoimmune disease have always experienced a reduction in pain after crying.

The secretion of all kinds of immune chemicals, which are known to aggravate allergic symptoms are all controlled by crying. Always bear in mind that, people that are used to allergic reactions can experience abnormal secretion.

9. Crying induces sleep in babies:


Caring, pampering, and making babies sleep, is one of the greatest challenges parents face, most especially mothers. When babies cry, it is regarded as something wrong with the baby, so the parents always try to stop the baby from crying.

But do you know that is actually a good technique to make babies sleep very well? Of course, it is.

There is something called controlled crying which is a technique used in making babies sleep. Parents should learn this because it helps infants sleep longer after crying.

The chances of the baby waking up in between sleep are also minimized since the baby now has peace of mind to sleep deeply.

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