7 Signs A Woman Is In Love With You

Signs A Woman Is In Love With You

Signs A Woman Is In Love With You: Women are sometimes unpredictable creatures and as a result of that, show love in many ways; here are the 7 signs that show a woman is in love with you.

When one notices any of such signs, it is very important to take steps to hit the nail right at the head. However, it must be noted that not all signs sometimes show that a lady is in love with you.

Some come from women who are naturally nice and sweet.

Below are a few signs that show that a woman is indeed in love with you:

  1. She Loves Hanging Around You:

Signs A Woman Is In Love With You

Any woman who loves you would always love to hang around your end. She does things to grab your attention quickly.

Such women do so tactically, they are always trying to monitor and be in the circles of the men that they so much love.

When you by chance invite them for a hangout, they never hesitate to town it down and even show signs of great remorse if they are genuinely busy.

2. She Is Afraid Of Losing You:

Signs A Woman Is In Love With You

A woman who is in love with you will forever be scared of losing you. She will do all sorts of things to make sure that you stay closer to her and forever hers.

Such women go to the extreme of supporting physically, financially, mentally and psychologically to ensure that you stay put with them.


Some common behavioural features of these women include being jealous and fighting with any woman who may come closer to them.

When that happens, just not that they are not willing to lose you.

3. She Includes You In All Her Plans:


Women who include you in all of their plans are definitely in love with you and won’t do anything to hurt or lose you.

They are so much focused on having you as theirs for as long as they can even if that could mean eternal. When they are talking about business, they include you in their plans and request even joint ownership.

Also, when they are talking about having a memorable future, they tend to have you all-inclusive and as the centre. Such women should never be taken for granted.

4. They Listen To Your Advice & Avoid Doing Things That Would Make You Insecure:

how to stop feeling insecure around your girlfriend

Women who are in love move differently. Knowing how valuable their man is to them, they try all means possible to avoid making him feel insecure. They also listen and pay attention to the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ of their lover.

Ever told a woman to stay off from other men? – Yes, if she pays heads to you and truly stays away from other guys, then you must be aware that she is ever ready to go all out with you.

Such women are mostly rare to find.

5. She Supports You In Everything You Do:


When a lady keeps on asking to be of support to you, just know that she may be in love with you. Ladies giving out tokens to men they love is no big deal at all. When you tend to find yourself in a mess, it is the lady who is in love with you who will mostly stay closer to you and be of mega support to you.

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That tells that you are very important to her and that you are her ride or die.

6. Gives You Gifts Without Explanation:

Signs A Woman Is In Love With You

A woman who stocks her man up with gifts is definitely in love. When she begins to gift you a lot of presents without any particular explanation, just know that she is seriously in love with you.

For instance, any lady who gifts a guy his favourite perfumes, clothing brand, sneakers, etc. frequently is trying to send a signal that, she is very much in love with him and maybe seeking a slot in his heart.

7. She Is Always Happy Around You:

does she like me

Because she loves you, there is no dull day around you. She enjoys every single bit of time she spends around you.

Even when she is emotionally down, she finds a reason to smile around you as her only source of happiness.

When you realize such things, just be sure to hold on to her and make her your own.

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