Alicia Borer Car Accident and Obituary Updates 2023

Alicia Borer car accident and obituary

April 18, 2022, was a very sad day for the family and loved ones of Dr. Alicia Borer after learning that their beloved daughter, sister, and friend passed away in a car accident. Read on for the latest information on the cause of Dr. Alicia Borer car accident and Alicia Borer obituary.

Dr. Alicia Borer Car Accident and Cause

The Optometrist, Dr. Alicia Borer met her untimely death on Monday, April 18, 2022, in a car accident. Our condolences to the family and friends of Ali Borer. Please, kindly remember them in your prayers.

Around 10:46 a.m., the 2020 Ford Explorer Alicia Borer and her father, Micheal Borer were riding in veered off the left side of the road, struck an embankment, and flipped on Floyd County’s Route 58, east of Route 780.

During the accident, Alicia Borer was thrown out of the Ford Explorer and died instantly. Her father, Micheal Borer who was driving was not injured. According to the Police, Micheal was wearing his seat belt but Ali Borer didn’t wear hers. Alicia Borer was 30 years old.

Dr. Ali Borer Obituary

Alicia Borer’s obituary was announced by the family in a statement as follows; “On Monday, April 18, 2022, we lost our cherished daughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, and friend.

Parents Mike and Louann Borer, sister Amanda Borer (Alex Williams), brother Adam (Erica) Borer, “her girl” Charlie, her new best friend Leo, and her niece and nephew survive Alicia, or Ali as we called her.

She was a devoted dog lover, and we are grateful that her Australian Shepard Skyla survived the accident. We are doing our best to treat Skyla.

Alicia was fortunate to have a large extended family with aunts, uncles, and cousins with whom he could travel, have fun, and enjoy a drink.

She was a lake girl and cherished spending the weekend on the water with us at Lake James. At the sand bar, Ali enjoyed spending time with all of her lakeside friends.

She enjoyed listening to Island Vibe and Hubie Ashcraft, two of her favorite lake bands, who became friends with her as she became friends with them.

Alicia largely succeeded in achieving her goals. She graduated with honors from the OSU College of Optometry and went on to become an optometrist.


She cherished her Buckeye heritage, enjoyed providing for her patients, and was delighted in her work. We all love her very much.

Alicia Borer was a courageous, daring, and ardent traveler. She visited places including Italy, New Zealand, and Ghana for an optometry mission trip. We lament that Ali will never get the opportunity to conquer more of the world because she had so much more she wanted to do so.

Despite the fact that she had numerous friends, Brandi was always her homegirl, and we are all particularly appreciative of her companionship.

For us, she leaves behind a much more depressing and lonely environment. You have our undying affection, Ali. You won’t ever leave our thoughts.

Love, Mom, Dad, Mandi, Alex, Leo, Adam, Erica, and of course Charlie.”

On April 23, 2022, from 4 to 8 p.m., The Borer Family had an open house at the Ottawa American Legion to honor Ali’s life. No bouquets were allowed.

People who wished to pay tribute to Alicia Borer were asked to donate money directly to a group of their choice that shares Ali’s enthusiasm for dogs.



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