Beautiful Lady Dies During Plastic Surgery in Nigeria

lady dies during plastic surgery in nigeria

A beautiful Nigerian lady has died in Lagos after visiting a hospital to enhance her body. The lady who was in her late twenties went for plastic surgery in order to look more beautiful.

A friend of the deceased broke the news on Twitter, revealing that the hospital which her friend went to enhance her body before she died kept mute on her death.

According to her, the family of the young lady was only informed about her death days after they visited the hospital to ask about her whereabouts.

“I want to bring this to the public, A friend just died at this hospital in Lagos Nigeria, a few days ago. where she underwent surgery,” she said in a Tweet to call out the hospital over the death of her friend identified as Crystabel.

She continued, “now I’m not against anybody that wants to enhance their body or anything as such, is your body life and choice, so do what you love but I’m against doctors that claim they have experience abroad, come down to Nigeria to kill young people”.

Detailing her friend’s death, the Twitter user added that “after the surgery, she complained of bleeding and the doctors told her it was normal, now this is the problem.

How are you a highly skilled and professional plastic Surgeon with experience abroad and someone you finish operating on, complained about bleeding and you said is normal it will stop?”, she stated.

Below are pictures of the lady who died

lady dies during plastic surgery in nigeria lady dies during plastic surgery in nigeria

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