Video: Man sent his biological daughter to a priest for money ritual and got handed over to police by the priest

Man sent his biological daughter to a priest for money ritual

A Ghanaian priest has reported a man who brought his biological daughter to him for a money ritual to the police.

This was captured in a video that is fast trending on social media. In the video, the priest indicated that the man who recently traveled from abroad to Ghana came to him for a money ritual.

According to the priest, the man told him that things are not moving well with him so he wants to use two of his twelve children for the money ritual.

The priest then pretended to be ready to do want the man wanted from him. And after the man went to pick up his daughter who was in school then, the priest reported the issue to the police.

Read what the priest posted on his Facebook page below:

“This man brought his own biological daughter to me for money rituals. He promised me Ghc10,000  and other good surprises after the rituals.

I was crying within me because I have sympathy for humans and animals, I don’t kill people, sometimes I don’t even eat my own poultry because I grow so much love for them.

The sad thing is that he even picked up the daughter from school during school hours with an intention of buying him a new dress.

This man is a bad man with many evil intentions. He doesn’t even feel anything for his own girl. Wow, what a wicked soul.

I prove to him I am a clean and gentle Herbalist. I recorded every scene and talk to the Police and my Mother and godmother.

I know my NABJ Daughters will be happy to see this move. As for Hon Tangoba Abayage, I don’t know what she will do.


Hey, I am the Son of the Sun.
I don’t harm people, I am a helper instead.
I am my grandmother’s grandson; and I sweep ONLY dirty stuffs, not harming innocent souls.

All the people of Oyibi KON Divisional Area are happy. The King Makers are also proud and hitting their chest in praise of their son”

Watch the video below


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