Ghanaian Man Dashed £95 Suitcase In UK After Telling The Seller His Brother Is Asamoah Gyan.

Asamoah Gyan
Asamoah Gyan

A Ghanaian man residing in the United Kingdom has found his luck when he told the seller of a suitcase he wanted to buy about Asamoah Gyan also known as Baby Jet.

According to a WhatsApp conversation shared by Asamoah Gyan on his official Instagram page, the unknown Ghanaian man went to a shop to in the UK to buy a suitcase to travel back to Ghana.

The seller upon seeing him asked if he was a Ghanaian. The Ghanaian man answered yes. He again asked if he knew Asamoah Gyan. The UK-based Ghanaian laughed and said Asamoah Gyan is his brother. He even went ahead to show a WhatsApp conversation he had with the player to the seller.

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The seller upon hearing the Ghanaian man said, decided to dash him the £95 suitcase.

He then revealed to Ghanaian man that he is from Sunderland, Asamoah and a staunch Sunderland AFC(Asamoah Gyan’s former club) supporter.

The Ghanaian man who was full of happiness, in a hilarious way said he was going to write Asamoah Gyan’s name on his forehead, since the name could bring him free stuff.

Asamoah Gyan celebration a goal at Sunderland
Asamoah Gyan celebration a goal at Sunderland

Asamoah Gyan who was surprised, shared a screenshot of the conversation on his Instagram page with the caption “A close friend just sent this message to me on my WhatsApp. Sometimes I sit and say I’m grateful! Herrr BABY JET is like a player. Lots of people benefit from it. If you don’t understand, don’t blame me. It’s grace..”

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