“I went camping with my boyfriend and his friends but ended up having s*x with a UK guy there, now I’m pregnant” – Worried Ghanaian lady cries out

I went camping with my boyfriend

A Ghanaian lady has revealed how she went camping with her boyfriend and his friends but ended up having s*x with another guy at the camp and got pregnant

Narrating the incident, the lady stated that she went camping with her boyfriend and his friends at Shai Hills, Accra, during the Christmas holidays.

At the camping, she met some diaspora people which she got along with. On their last day at the camp, a half-cast boy joined her at the bathroom and they had s*x.

She also added that she didn’t exchange contacts with the guy, all she knows about the guy is his first name and that, he is from the UK.

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Adding to that, she also revealed that she has found out that she is pregnant and planning abortion. Surprisingly, her mother visited her two days ago that she dreamt that she(the pregnant lady) had died from abortion, which she is truly planning to do.

The worried lady said she needed someone to talk to about the issue because she can’t talk to anyone in her family, boyfriend or friends.

Read the story below:

“I’m f*cked! I’m really fucked. I went camping with my boyfriend and his friends during the Christmas holidays at around Shai Hills.

We met a group of diaspora people at the camping site and we bonded. There was this half-cast boy among them I got along with. There was some sexual tension between us.

On the last morning before we left, I was showering, he joined and in the bathroom and we had s*x. I regret that. I really do. Now I found out I’m pregnant.


Two days ago, my mom came to me at dawn that she dreamt I had died from abortion and that she hopes I’m still maintaining my virginity.

I didn’t exchange contacts with this boy. I just know his first name and that he came from the UK.

I want to abort but I’m scared. I know this is anon but I needed to talk to someone because I can’t talk to anyone in my family or boyfriend or my friends. I know I’m terrible.” she posted.

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