Is Carl Hurley still alive in 2023?

is carl hurley still alive

Is Carl Hurley still alive? If you are finding the answer to the question above, then continue reading. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Carl Hurley; his achievements, and provide an answer to your question” is Carl Hurley still alive or dead?”.

Carl Hurley is a popular American professor, lecturer, and comedian. He was born in 1941 in a log cabin built by his father in the Appalachian foothills of Laurel County, Kentucky.

Carl was brought up in a humorous family. He enjoyed listening to comedy when he was young. No wonder he became one of the best comedians in America.

He started his education in his community before moving to Eastern Kentucky University. In 1966, he graduated with M.A. in education from Eastern Kentucky University.

In 1971, the hard-working Carl Hurley was awarded a doctorate in education from the University of Missouri, Columbia. After that, he came back to Kentucky and worked in the department of education for three years.

While living in Kentucky, he also served as a lecturer in the college of education of his alma mater, Eastern Kentucky University for eight years.

Carl’s ability to make his students and other lecturers laugh has earned him much love and respect on the campus.

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His communication skills and sense of humor also made people invite him to speak at their events outside the classroom. After earning a professorship, he resigned from the classroom to become a full-time entertainer and speaker.

Carl has spoken at several events as a guest speaker and also performed as an entertainer on countless occasions – which earned him the name “America’s funniest professor”

As of today, Carl Hurley has more than 15 comedy recordings. He also wrote a book about growing up in Appalachia dubbed “We Weren’t Poor, We Just Didn’t Have Any Money”


Is Carl Hurley Still Alive in 2023?

Many people keep asking this question “is Carl Hurley still alive?”.  If you are part of the people who keep asking this question, your answer is very simple. Carl Hurley is still alive. He is currently 82 years old.

Carl Hurley and his wife, Angela are currently living in Lexington, Kentucky. They are blessed with two children, Lori and Chad, and two grandchildren.

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