(+VIDEO) Wife Slaps Husband On Live Radio After He Accuses Her Of Keeping Faeces And Urine In their Room

Wife Slaps Husband On Live Radio

A Ghanaian woman has slapped her husband on live radio after the husband accused her of keeping faeces and urine in the room. The incident occurred in the studio of Adom FM, an Accra based radio station.

This happened after the couple went to Adom FM to settle their marital issues.

While they were in the studio answering questions from the host on the issues, the husband accused his wife of keeping faeces and urine in their room. “Sometimes she defecates and keeps the faeces under our bed”, said the husband. This statement by the husband annoyed the wife and she gave him a hot slap on air, saying her is lying.

The argument continued for some time. The husband insisted that he was saying the truth. The wife on the other hand rubbished the husband’s accusation, saying it is not true.

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In the course of the argument, the wife said if her husband is sure  he was saying the truth, then they should buy schnapps and eggs and swear. She also threatened to slap her husband again if he didn’t stop lying about her.

Watch the video below

This has generated several reactions from from people on Twitter. Some saying the presenter was unprofessional. Others also say if a woman could slap her husband live on air, then only God knows what would happen at their private places.

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