7 Ways To Ask Your Partner Out On A Date & Not Get A No As Response


There are many ways of asking one’s partner on a date and it would always end up with a yes if well asked.

It would be a great way to do so politely but in a trickish and clever manner. Going out on a date as lovers or partners is one beautiful life experience.

Before COVID-19 set in, inviting one on a date was just an easy thing compared to the current state.

However, with almost zero social activity these days, dating during the quarantine period has become a little difficult and intimidating.

7 Ways Of Asking Your Partner Out Without Getting No:

1. Can You Help Me Fix My Flowers?

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Asking your partner to help you fix your flowers could be one of the best ways of asking her out without getting a no in response.

Just let him or her know that you plan on fixing the flowers in your flat so you will so much love to have him or her around as a means of support.

There will definitely be a yes as answer.

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2. Can You Join Me in Share My Meal? I Have Ordered More Than Enough For Us:

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Let your partner know you have ordered a bunch of food to take care of the two of you and that you will love to have him or her join you to finish it up.

Let her understand that the food could go waste if she declines your offer by saying no. With this, be rest assured that she will feel bad and say yes even if she is satiated or not in favour.

3. My Flat Is In A Mess; Can You Help Me With Suggestions Of How To Fix It? Come Have A Look:

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Women love to be respected when it comes to decisions on how one’s apartment should be arranged and put in a better position.

In fact, no wife material would ever decline this request from a guy.

4. Do You Care about Joining Me & My Friends For A Chill; The Moment Will Be Decent One:

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Telling your partner to join you and your friends for a chill and adding that it would be a decent one automatically make him or her very much interested.

Partners who are deeply in love loves to be recognized by the friends of their lovers and as such, never see a dull moment to jump into the ship and have some fun.

5. Why don’t You Let Us Cook Together In My House?:

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Try asking your partner to aid you cook and it will never be no. Women especially enjoys cooking with their guys.

When you want to ask her out but ain’t sure if she will say yes, just let her know you want to have a cooking competition and slack, it will happen.

6. Do You Need My Help On Anything Today?; I Just Want An Excuse To Step Out:

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This is a big trick to use in making your partner agree to your date request. Bearing in mind that you need an excuse to step out, she will have no excuse than agreeing to your request since you want an excuse to be out with him or her.

This looks like seeking a help from her while in reality, you want a date with him or her.

7. Will You Love To Just Sit With Me Outside At The Beach & Not Talk; Just Pretend We Are Cool Friends:


Tell your partner to just sit with you outside at the beach or anywhere cool and not talk but just pretend you are cool friends; he or she will smile and accept your offer.

These are a few ways to ask your partner out

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