How To Tell If A Lady Is Crushing On You Or Not

crushing on you

As a man, relationships could be an awesome experience when you are in one, but what makes it interesting is the fact that you could identify some signals that, the lady you have in mind is crushing on you or not.

However, it is advisable to follow such signs and those pretty signals which clearly show that, a girl has a crush on you or not to get them. The more expertise you get in such situations, the better for you.

Nowadays, the existence of too many technological ways to approach situations, makes it difficult and even confuses both men and women when they are trying to investigate if someone is interested in a relationship with them.

According to AskMen experts, 1 out of 5 couples meet through dating apps and this sounds awesome to me in particular, do you know why?

Because there is nothing that can hinder the love and affection people show when they have a crush on someone. They could go the extra mile to show it.

Below is a compilation of signs and signals that shows clearly whether a lady has a crush on you or not.

1. She Enjoys Talking To You:

whispering in ear

If you have a friend who is a lady, who always wants to talk to you, then I can assure you she has a crush on you. If she makes herself available even at her most difficult times, my brother that is a clear sign to move with.

There are times that she will be engaged to whatever you are saying or doing, if you notice that, you’ve got a very good signal that she has all her eyes on you. If you ever have doubt, just think about this; if she didn’t like you, would she be around you even when she is busy?

2. She Is The First To Crack A Smile Or Laugh At What Comes Out Of Your Mouth:

laughing man and woman


When a girl likes you, she would always make a point for you to think you are funny, even if you know that ain’t funny yourself.

If you say something which makes her laugh instead of giggling, and this happened among a group of people, just know that everything you do is magical for her.
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When you laugh and she joins you in laughing, that is just a message given to you indirectly that, your “passport” is ready or she is crushing on you

3. She Makes A Point Of Noticing You:


This point makes me remember one girl like that, but let’s move on. When your presence is always reported to you by her, there is an assurance for you to win her heart. In some cases, she likely wants to know more about you.

However, if this becomes consistent, you’ve got to look sharp and approach with full vim.

4. If She Acts Busy When She Sees You With Other Girls:

young couple arguing in a cafe relationship PY7ZW3K

This is a very difficult task and a very tough decision to take. When you notice a sudden change in her, when you are around potential candidates, that is an excellent sign to know she is crushing on you.

She might decide to leave the exact spot she met you guys, slink off into a nearby corner, or stay and act as if she is busy with her friends or phone.

5. Your Smile Lights Her Up:

crushing on you
A lady laughing

This is a very solid signal that you must be aware of. When she is suddenly filled with some kind of energy or laughter after seeing you smile, there is nothing to doubt about her, crushing or having some serious feelings for you.

The secret to this particular point is for you to always give her your best smiles when she is around you, to lighten her day.

6. She Loves Hugging You:

crushing on you
Couple laughing

Whether a full-on hug, gentle hug, or half-hug, It does not matter. What you should know is, that she is seriously into you and that’s the end of the story. You can have doubts about this, but I am telling you that it is scientifically proven.

7. When She Always Searches Far And Wide To Find You:


This sounds like one of those dramatic scenes in Telenovelas but it is true. If she, however, lingers around to see you after everyone has left the scene, that’s an absolute indicator that, the girl has feelings for you.

There are places she would show up, knowing very well you will be there, and such places aren’t her destination but she does that because of you. Just bear in mind that she is all yours.

8. She Likes Whatever You Like:


Opinions can’t be the same as far as we all view things differently. That is the same with things we humans like, but if there are cases where she likes everything you like, she is giving you a green light that you are not noticing yet.

Perhaps, it is not everything you can use your mouth to say, so you as the guy have to be smart enough to crack this code.

9. She Likes To Touch And Feel You:

crushing on you

If any girl who comes around you always, likes to touch and feel your body, shirt, hair, you’re clothing among others, then it is very clear to say, she has a crush on you.

If she wants you to know what’s in her mind, she can even tell you to also help her wear her shirt. With this, she expects you to use your hand in touching her body, which she knows might ring an alarm within you.

10. When She Licks Her Lips Anytime She Sees You:

crushing on you
crushing on you

You need to be a “legend” before you understand this particular point. When a girl licks her lips anytime she sees you, it is an absolute signal that she likes you and wants you as her boyfriend. Licking her lips simply means, she imagines having you as her guy and things you could do together.

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These listed points might sound awkward to someone, but there is an absolute truth in this. If you ever doubt any, then shoot your shot and see the result.

And to those that have seen such signs and signals, and are still pondering over it, it’s getting late, do something now. I wish you well in your adventure. Thank you for reading this article. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and loved ones.

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