Wendy Shay’s “Break My Waist Challenge” Trends As “Professional Twerkers” Join The Challenge

Wendy Shay break my waist


As TikTok has become so popular these days, creating a TikTok challenge is one of the best ways artistes are promoting their songs off late. That’s exactly what Wendy Shay is trying to achieve with her “Break My Waist Challenge”


Ghanaian female songwriter and singer Wendy Shay, few days ago released a new single dubbed “Break My Waist”.

In a way to promote the song, Wendy Shay, posted a TikTok of herself seriously twerking to the song. She also asked her fans to create similar videos and post online for a challenge.

Watch Wendy Shay’s video below

Her video has received several reactions from some section of Ghanaians. Some say it’s bad for Wendy Shay who said she is a born again to post such a video online. Some also defend Wendy Shay’s video, saying it’s showbiz.

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Others who like the video jump on it to release the their own versions.

Break My Waist challenge is currently trending on TikTok and #1 Ghana Twitter trend with classic twerking videos.

Below are some of the best twerking videos from Wendy Shay’s Break My Waist Challenge


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