Women dress for themselves, not for men- Nicki Minaj tells men

Women dress for themselves

Popular American female rapper, Nicki Minaj has added her voice to the never-ending debate as to whether women dress to please men or not.

The musician took to her official Twitter page to write a letter to men, addressing the issue.

In her letter to men, she stated that women don’t dress for men, they don’t do makeup for men and they don’t do their hair for men, they do it for themselves – they do it to look good for themselves and not for any man.

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She added that just like how most men think about themselves when making [email protected] and not the pleasure of the woman, the same way women also think about themselves when dressing up, doing makeup, or doing their hair.

“Dear Men,

Women don’t; dress for you, do makeup for you, or do their hair for you. Just like how most of y’all phuck for you and not the woman’s pleasure.

This is for us all. This ain’t about you. Now go. Thanks for coming”, she tweeted.

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