You Don’t Play Northern Music In Accra But You Are Attacking Nigerians For Not Playing Your Songs – Teflon Flexx

Teflon Flexx

Ghanaian musician, Teflon Flexx has slammed his colleagues and Ghanaians attacking Nigerians for not supporting them

In a Facebook post which seems to be directed at the Ghanaians attacking Nigerians for not returning the favour they get from Ghana, Teflon Flexx questioned why the biggest artistes from Northern Ghana don’t get their songs played in Accra.

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He continued to mention the artistes that are big in the North but don’t a single airplay in Accra even though they’re in the same country.

The artistes he mentioned are Fancy Gadam, Macaccio, Wiz Child, Fad Lan.

Also added that Ghanaians should think about why that is happening and how it can be solved.

“You are not playing Fad Lan music. You are not playing Wiz Child music. What about Fancy Gadam? What about Macaccio? These are the biggest names in Northern Ghana yet you are not playing their music in Accra. Have you thought of the “why” is this happening? and how we can solve this internal matter? We we find answers to this then we can find an easy way to get our music to Nigeria”, Teflon Flexx posted.

Teflon Flexx

It can be recalled that some section of Ghanaians led by Shatta Wale are attacking Nigerians for not playing Ghanaian music in their country.

This has generated serious argument between the countries on social media, especially twitter.

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