LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL: Man Proposes To His Girlfriend While Under Arrest

under arrest

A young man who was on a date with his girlfriend surprises her with a proposal while under arrest.

In a video cited by, a man and his girlfriend went on a date. While sitting at the bar enjoying their food and sipping their drinks, two immigration officers approached them to arrest the man. According to our source, the incident occurred at Achimota Mall, Accra, Ghana.

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After interrogating the man for some time, they held him and started walking away with him. his girlfriend who was so worried followed them closely.

Upon reaching the mall, the man removed a ring from his pocket, knelt down and proposed to his girlfriend.

Watch the video below

It was at this stage that people including the lady realized that it was a planned thing between the man and the immigration officers.

When contacted the man to find the truth of the story, he confirmed that he planned it with the immigration officers to surprise the lady.

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When asked about the reason why he did that, he said the lady is a wonderful person so he decided to surprise her in that manner. “Charlie… she deserves it. She is just a wonderful person”, he said.


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