You Are A Motivated Beggar With Sense Of Entitlement | Your Head Like 207 Bus — A Plus Blasts TT

Ghanaian hiplife artiste and socialist, Kwame Asare Obeng, popularly known as A Plus has attacked Psalm Adjeteyfio also known as TT of  of Taxi Driver fame for begging for leftover foods from Mzgee and also saying Aisha Modi gave him “only Ghc500”.

In a long Facebook post by Kwame A Plus, he expressed how shocked he was to hear that TT was begging for leftover foods from upon all the money he was given.

Kwame A Plus posted a photo of a mother carrying her twins at her back while selling in the scorching sun in Accra. He added that if that woman was given the Ghc500 that TT described as “only”, she would have done something better with it.

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He continued to attack TT, calling him a motivated beggar with sense of entitlement and a very f*ckn man with head with like 207 bus.

Read his post below:

“This woman is a widow. Every day, she carries her twin daughters on her back, in the scorching sun, 🌞 then she carries a heavy bowl of assorted drinks and chilled water to sell, just to make ends meet. In the same photo, you see other women with kids working hard to make a living.

If this woman gets what TT describes as “only 500 Ghana cedis” she will get a space in a marketplace, put a table there and start selling on the table instead of carrying her twins and this heavy load and roaming all day. With an investment of 500 Ghana, In a few years, her twins will be in the university. This is how many women in Ghana have taken care of their children. God bless our mothers.

TT has made his head like 207 bus 🚌 Very [email protected] man!! Chief of staff, Mama Frema gave you 40 thousand Ghana cedis, that is 400 million old Ghana cedis. You told Berima in an interview that she gave you 4 thousand. No problem. Dr Bawumia gave you 50 thousand Ghana cedis. That is 500 million old Ghana cedis. In just a month, you received 90 thousand Ghana cedis; 900 million old Ghana cedis. This 90 thousand Ghana cedis does not include the “only 500s,” 1000s, etc you received from sympathizers, yet you are looking for leftovers. So many Ghanaians are looking for a start up capital of just 1000 cedis.

You are a motivated beggar with a sense of entitlement!! I’m always the first person to mobilize support for people in need but you, even the one you have, if I get the opportunity, I’ll take it from you. You don’t deserve any help my guy!! Instead of sitting at home with that stinking sense of entitlement and granting interviews, use that sweet voice and eloquence to host a radio show to get paid monthly. Disabled people are sitting in wheelchairs and selling in traffic. Masa!! Your mouth 👄 like fishing boat 🚢 😏

Just a taxi you drove, today this, tomorrow that, Ah!! I’m wondering what you’ll have done if you drove an STC bus? Fiorrr!! 🙄😡”.


A plus

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