Is Jessica Oldwyn Still Alive in 2023 or Dead? Latest Updates

Is Jessica Oldwyn Still Alive

Jessica Oldwyn a native of Friday Harbor, Washington, United States of America. In 2010, Jessica Oldwyn was diagnosed with diffuse astrocytoma and has since undergone four major brain surgeries. Is Jessica Oldwyn still alive, where is she now and how is she doing?

Read on to learn more about Jessica Oldwyn, including her early, biography, age, education, husband, surgeries, and other important updates about her.

Jessica Oldwyn Short Biography

Jessica Oldwyn an American who was born and raised in Friday Harbor, Washington, United States of America. She was born on August 6, 1980, and is currently 42 years old.

Jessica loves traveling. In 2010, she planned of travelling to several countries in Europe so she created a blog as a means of keeping her friends and family updated about her travels.

In April 2010, Jessica decided to visit the hospital for examination after experiencing severe headaches and blackouts while she was snowshoeing. After a thorough examination by the doctors, she was diagnosed with diffuse astrocytoma.

The doctor at Wenatchee Medical Center, Washington recommended emergency brain surgery. The doctor asked Jessica to go for the surgery within 48 hours after the examination else she would die.

Jessica Oldwyn underwent her first brain surgery in 2010. Since then, she has undergone three more brain surgeries, making four brain surgeries. Because of the surgeries, Jessica Oldwyn is paralyzed on the right side with severe aphasia. Is Jessica Oldwyn still alive? Read on for more information on that.

Is Jessica Oldwyn Still Alive in 2023

Is Jessica Oldwyn still alive? Yes, Jessica still alive and continues to fight with brain tumor. A few month after her fourth brain surgery in 2016, the doctors recommended the fifth brain surgery for her, however, she declined. She was then given drugs which could help fight the tumor.

She and her husband, Danny are living together and enjoying the best of their lives. Jessica always updates followers on Instagram about her health conditions. She recenctly posted on her instagram page that she went for an MRI test and the result shows that there are no new tumor growth.


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