Is Pastor Dwight Thompson Still Alive Or Dead; What Happened to Him? 2023

Is Pastor Dwight Thompson Still Alive

Dwight Thompson is an evangelist and the founder and leader of Dwight Thompsom Ministries. He is one of the most dedicated and powerful evangelists of our time. Is pastor  Dwight Thompson still alive? Read more to learn more about that.

He has dedicated his ministry to reaching out to all those who are lost and hurting with a message of hope, found through salvation and deliverance in Jesus Christ.

He is renowned throughout the world for his legendary ability to captivate and move an audience.

He uses humor, compassion, strong biblical convictions, and creative ways to explain the meaning of biblical idioms, parables, and promises to create a message that is unforgettable.

Dwight has traveled the globe as an evangelist, sharing the gospel with millions of people and guiding thousands of lost souls to Christ. He impacts many people by powerfully and charismatically sharing the Gospel.

Pastor Dwight is married to Zonelle Thompson. Dwight and Zonelle have been married for 60 years. They are blessed with two children, seven grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren.

Zonelle and Dwight travel the country together, and she founded Operation STITCHES (Saving The Inner-city Through Christ’s Hope: Eternal Salvation), a program that helps inner-city kids and their families.

What Happened to Pastor Dwight Thompsom?

Nothing happened to pastor Dwight Thompson. He is well and still preaching the word of God.

Is Pastor Dwight Thompson Still Alive 2023?

Pastor Dwight Thompson is alive and well. He is still preaching the word of God. Kindly disregard any news that states pastor Dwight is dead.


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