Is Cynthia George Still Alive Or Dead? 2023

Is Cynthia george still alive
Is Cynthia george still alive (Source:

Cynthia George is a businesswoman and a former beauty queen from Akron, Ohio, United States of America. In 1984, Cynthia got married to a millionaire restaurateur, Ed George.

The couple lived happily, gave birth to seven children, and resided in a massive 8000-foot estate. The affluent couple was influential in their community and exuded glamour. In 2000, Cynthia finished fourth in the Mrs. Ohio beauty contest.

Cynthia George, despite being married, had a ten-year relationship with another man, Jeff Zack. This was made known to the world when a 44 years old man, Jeff Zack was shot and killed by a man on a motorbike on June 16, 2001, just before Father’s day.

The police officers investigating the death of Jeff Zack uncovered that Jeff had been in a relationship with Cynthia George for over 10 years and was the father of one of Cynthia’s children — which could be the reason why Jeff was shot dead.

Cynthia George was then charged with murder and arraigned before the court. Even though she was blatantly accused and vilified for having an extramarital affair with Zack, her husband, Ed George stood by her side and even testified on her behalf.

After a thorough investigation, Cynthia was found guilty of murder and was given a life sentence in jail. The decision was overturned by the District Court of Appeals a year later on the grounds that the state had not provided sufficient evidence to back up the judge’s ruling. In March 2007, Cynthia received her jail discharge.

Is Cynthia george still alive
Is Cynthia George still alive (Source:

Is Cynthia George Still Alive?

Is Cynthia George still alive? Yes, Cynthia George is still alive and living with the family after she was released from prison. She was spotted recently at her daughter’s graduation.


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