Is Mark Sievers Still Alive Or Dead 2023

Is Mark Sievers still alive 2022

Mark Sievers is a 56 years old man who was accused of murdering his wife, Dr. Teresa Sievers in 2015. Dr. Teresa Sievers, 46, from Florida was a well-known and highly regarded medical expert. So what is the latest on this case, and is Mark Sievers still alive in 2023? Read on to find out more.

Mark Sievers was married to Dr. Teresa Sievers, a well-known medical professional from Bonita Springs. They tied the knot in 2003 and had two cute daughters — Josephine Sievers and Carmala Sievers.

In June 2015, Dr. Teresa Sievers was murdered in her house after returning from a trip to New York with her family.

Initial investigations revealed that Jimmy Ray Rodgers and Curtis Wayne Wright were the masterminds of the crime. The two men initially denied the allegation against them.

However, GPS data collected by the investigators from a car rental confirmed that Jimmy Ray and Curtis Wayne had traveled from Missouri to Bonita Springs just before the incident.

After a serious investigation, Jimmy Ray Rodgers and Curtis Wayne Wright were found guilty and sentenced—Jimmy Ray Rodgers was given a life sentence, and Curtis Wayne Wright was given 25 years sentence.

During the investigation, Wright claimed that they were sent by Mark Sievers, the husband of Dr. Teresa Sievers to commit the crime.

According to Wright, Mark Sievers contracted them to kill his wife, Dr. Teresa Sievers, claiming that Teresa was trying to keep him away from his daughters. Additionally, he claimed Sievers paid him $10,000 for the crime.

Mark Sievers was then charged with first-degree murder to which he pleaded not guilty, however further proves the investigators showed that Mark Sievers was involved in the crime.

On June 5, 2015, Mark wrote in his diary, “She said sometimes, most of the time, she does not feel we are going to make it.” Mark shared her feelings of depression and annoyance at the state of their relationship. He also displayed resentment in his writings and accused his wife of nearly having an extramarital affair.

After barely four hours of deliberation, the jury was eventually convinced by the prosecution’s version of events, and Sievers was convicted of first-degree murder and conspiring to commit murder.


Is Mark Sievers Still Alive 2023

Yes, Mark Sievers is alive and serving a death sentence for his heinous crime at the Florida State Prison in Raiford, Florida.


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